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How to Make a Glittered Tulle Canvas Heart

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I love Tulle as a 3D Texture on a Canvas. It’s fun, it’s whimsical and it’s eye-catching when layered as you saw in the Tulle Tutu Cone Tree Tutorial. I decided to make a canvas that matched this DIY Tulle Cone Tree post. I used the same folding and gluing method to layer the tulle as I did with the cone tree.

To do this, I traced a heart stencil with a pencil over the center part of the canvas.

I cut a piece of tulle. I don’t have much room on my craft table so I could only use small pieces of tulle at a time to cut out the squares I needed. I measured the tulle a little bigger than the canvas and cut it from the spool. I used a Glitter Hot Pink Tulle from the brand “Celebrate It” which I purchased at Michaels.

This spool of Tulle is wide for this project so I cut it length wise in half.

I cut each half about 3 inches in length. I wanted to work with squares that were somewhat uniformed but they didn’t have to have a perfect match in dimensions.

I folded the square in half length-wise

I folded it in half again length-wise

I used Crafters Square craft glue to glue the first piece on the top side of the heart.

The Tulle placement for this design will have fan like layers to it – so I folded the second square and glued it on top of the first.

I continued gluing folded squares to that side of the heart until it was somewhat covered.

I repeated this process to the other side of the heart. I was very messy with the glue as you can tell by the side drip!

I added bottom layers to the top layer of each side until they met at the bottom forming a V-Shape

I added folded tulle squares to the bald middle of the heart. I realized this is the first step that should have happened since I wanted these folded pieces to be underneath the V shape, instead of on top, so I had to tuck them under.

I used Recollections Chunky Glitter in Hot Pink for the outline of the heart. I glued and glittered in small sections

This is what the heart looked like with the Hot Pink Glitter outline:

To cover the sparse areas, I cut small squares and folded them; tucking them into thesesections where the tulle did not cover.

Here’s a close up of the fully covered Tulle pattern:

How to Make a Glittered Tulle Canvas Heart

Final Thoughts

I should have waited for the glue to dry before I hung up the canvas, because it dripped down the side.

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