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DIY Multicolor Yarn Wrapped Valentines Day Foam Cone Tree

DIY Multicolor Yarn Wrapped Valentines Day Foam Cone Tree

Valentines Day is nearing the corner and I wanted to share a fun and easy decor idea for your desk, vanity or mantle. Decorative foam cone trees are a great way to be creative by using any type of texture and design something that looks unique and professional while being frugal.

You can find foam cones in the floral department of most craft stores. I bought mine at Michaels. I like that they have different height choices.

Here is a link to foam cone trees on the Michaels website.

The foam cone brand sold at Michaels is Floracraft. They are an American based manufacturer located in Michigan. Their foam is made from recycled plastic, which (according to their website) makes this manufacturer the first and only company to produce this type of floral craft foam.

The foam cone measurement i used for this project is 3.8 inches x 11.9 inches. I enjoyed searching the yarn department for valentine colors. I was hopeful for a pink or other Valentine color yarn with a texture like fluff, fuzz, feathers or leather. I was happy to find this colorful yarn manufactured by loops and threads. The color is called teenage dream.

In the beginning…

I started the project by heating up my glue gun (a portable pink glue gun I bought at micchaels for 3.99 + 30% off).

The glue dried quickly and left hard globs on the foam. This added a separator between the yarn layers.

Not good at all. I had to peel the dried globs from the foam carefully without tearing chunks of the foam off. Instead, it tore chunks of the yarn hairs off.

My sister mentioned this might happen and recommended using a fine tip glue gun instead.

Second Beginnings…

The glue I had in stock was a craft glue by the brand Crafters Square which I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I have used this glue for other crafts I made over the holidays and I’m very pleased with it. I would definitely buy it again.

Layer by Layer we go…

I carefully wrapped the yarn around the base of the cone first. I didn’t glue around the entire surface… instead I used the spot-glue method. I put a spot of glue in 3 places around the circumference of the base of the cone.

I wrapped the foam with the yarn as tightly as I could without ripping through it. I carefully pushed each top layer of the yarn down to touch the layer at the bottom so that the foam would not peak through. I wanted this foam cone tree fully covered with the colorful yarn.

I had to do this with each layer while glue spotting the places that needed it. The yarn weight is a 4 medium which is a pretty thin yarn for the height of the the cone. It took a few hours to carefully wrap, spot glue and push down the yarn to reach to the top of the cone. I did this with break intervals.

I left the yarn on the spool and relaxed the yarn off the spool as needed. I didn’t cut the yarn until I reached the top of the cone.

When it came to covering the top of the cone, I glued the entire surface on the top (it was a small surface) and coiled the yarn to cover the foam underneath.

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