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DIY Multicolor Spiral Yarn Heart Canvas

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I decided to make a cute Valentines Day Yarn Heart on canvas to match the Multicolor Yarn Cone Tree I made. I found a cute multicolor yarn at Michaels to match a Valentines Day theme.

I used a thin cardboard to make a heart stencil which I used to trace on the canvas. I made the stencil to give room for error so that I wouldn’t have to erase a pencil heart on the canvas and also, I plan to make a few canvases with this heart and I wanted them to be uniform in size.

I used a multicolor yarn by the brand Loops and Threads and the Yarn color is called “Teenage Dream”.
The brand Loops and Threads is a Michaels brand. The yarn weight is a 4 Medium.

The glue I used is from Crafters Square which I purchased from the Dollar Tree last year. I love this craft glue because it’s easy to use and has worked with multiple surfaces like glass, wood, foam and now on canvas.

I started with tracing over the pencil heart with glue. I did this in small sections at first to secure the yarn.

I carefully placed the yarn over the glued section and tapped it lightly to make sure it held. I was careful to trace the entire heart with a very light and slow touch to ensure accuracy and straight lines.

Here is the second rotation. I tried to get the second yarn layer as close to the first layer so that the canvas would not show through. I did this by continuing to glue in small sections and gently guided and pushed the bottom yarn layer to touch the first layer.

I think the heart would have looked cute as it was with 2 layers and a line across the heart.

I also played with the idea of having giving it a scribbled doodle look by arranging the yarn in the middle of the heart in random loops.

This project would have been completed much sooner if I had done it this way but the project I had in mind required full revolutions. This project took me about an hour to an hour and a half to make.

Here is the finished piece.

DIY Multicolor Spiral Yarn Heart Canvas

Here is the multicolor cone tree with the matching canvas.

Final Thoughts

The glue I used worked well but I think a fine tip glue pen would have worked better when gluing the first layer of the heart because when the glue dried left a sheen surrounding some parts of the outer layer of the heart.

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